Experts have been predicting the demise of the mainframe1 for over two decades. Find out why they are still important.

Many industry observers have predicted the death of the mainframe in the past two decades. However, research suggests that the mainframe continues to play an essential role in strategy, innovation, and growth in organizations.

A recent global study of IT professionals by CA Technologies showed that over 72% of those in the UK agreed that the mainframe is a strategic or highly strategic element in their IT plans. As many as 37% of respondents planned to increase their spending on mainframe software within the next 12 to 18 months.

Around 42% of UK respondents said that the mainframe would be a highly strategic tool for their cloud computing strategy. As many as 65% said that that they had or would be approving mobile management of their mainframe within the next year and a half.

Cloud computing, big data, and mobile solutions are just some of the factors that have been driving mainframe spending. According to Mark Combs, senior vice president for mainframe at CA Technologies, the market is in a transition and companies are look at how they can adapt to cloud computing. The mainframe helps deliver the security and scalability required for growing service demands faced by organizations today.

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