A very special post for all of us at Turbosoft - today we’re pleased to announce that we have released version 4 of our flagship product, TTWin.

At Turbosoft it’s almost 25 years since our first terminal emulation product and we feel confident that after many years of real world usage our emulations are amongst the most robust and accurate you’ll find anywhere. In various incarnations and across many Microsoft operating systems TTWin has been our premier terminal emulation product for it’s quality emulations, broad terminal support and extensive feature set.

However whilst terminal emulation might be a well established technology it’s important that emulation software integrate well with modern and evolving operating system and network environments. With TTWin 4 we've enhanced our windows terminal emulation package to ensure it meets today’s needs.

Let’s take a quick tour of what’s new in TTWin version 4:

64 bit Terminal Emulator

In addition to a 32 bit version TTWin 4 also offers a native 64 bit application. As the adoption of 64 bit capable operating systems and hardware gathers pace in the enterprise it comforting to know that a TTWin 4 license offers you the flexibility of both 32 and 64 bit. Purchasing a license now but upgrading systems in the future? No problem, your TTWin 4 license entitles you to either package.

Windows 7 Compatible

TTWin 4 is designed to work with Windows 7 and with Windows 8 not too far away it’s important to know your terminal emulation software is future proof.


Is your terminal emulation software obsolete? TTWin 4 supports both IPv4 and IPv6, when you need to make the transition, TTWin has the capability.

Updated Interface

We've overhauled and updated TTWin 4’s interface to suit the modern desktop, introducing features like the multi session toolbar, tabbed sessions and a smart Macro Assistant which helps you easily create macros to simplify complex tasks.

Of course, the new version of TTWin contains all the features that were essential in TTWin 3. Features like extensive single product terminal coverage, with over 80 different terminals catered for. Strong data security, with SSH, telnet via SSH tunnelling and SSL as standard and of course screen enhancing features such as hotspots.

No obligation, free evaluation copies of TTWin 4 are available for download here.

For more information on upgrade discounts, even from a competitors product please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

TTWin 4 is Turbosoft's premier terminal emulation software for Windows operating systems.

With support for 80+ terminal types, secure SSL3, SSH and SFTP along with macro and scripting support, TTWin4 is a comprehensive terminal emulation solution for superior host connectivity.

For product information, free trial software and technical specifications, visit the TTWin 4 product page.