TTWin Integrator is the most comprehensive OCX component terminal emulation tool kit on the market today. For developers of Windows-based applications it offers unprecedented flexibility in access to corporate systems on legacy hosts.

Features of TTWin Integrator

TTWin Integrator boasts a range of unique features that make it extremely powerful yet easy to use. These include:

  • Access to more than 80 different emulations in the one pack for the one price.
  • An OCX component interface, which allows you to make terminal emulation a part of your external application.
  • Go beyond simple screen-scraping and get full control of the data steam. Present information and represent it as needed.
  • Configurable event handlers that allow you to easily create triggers for host application events.
  • The option of choosing how the emulation window is presented in your application.
  • The ability to hide the control and turn the legacy host application into a full GUI application, without altering the host environment.
  • The ability to add two or more controls to your application and to connect to two hosts at the same time.
  • Industry-grade encryption (data security SSL3, SSH1 and SSH2) included as standard.
  • The ability to assign common functions to macros or toolbar buttons to reduce keystrokes and improve productivity.
  • Extensive support for effective print-through in every environment.
  • Support for screen printing, with various regions of the screen able to be printed separately.
  • Powerful character-selection facilities and full code page support.
  • Full support for double-byte character fonts, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese fonts (where supported by the original terminal).
  • Support for Truetype fonts and automatic font scaling.
  • The ability to modify terminal characteristics to improve functionality, including lines per page and screen colors.
  • Highly flexible keyboard mapping, allowing the user to map text strings, host sequences and emulation keys to any combination.
  • The ability to transfer row data, column data and scroll history data.

As well as a formidable range of features, TTWin Integrator also comes with comprehensive documentation, technical support and very flexible licensing and pricing. It is available for Citrix, Windows Vista, Window 8, 10 and 11.

With ground-breaking data management flexibility and a comprehensive feature set, TTWin Integrator gives you full control while still retaining all the benefits of the original platforms. To find out more about how TTWin Integrator can work for your application, visit the TTWin Integrator page.