IBM’s new mainframe system, the zEnterprise BC12, has been released. The entry-level mainframe starts at $75,000 and is designed for analytics, cloud, and mobile use1. IBM said that the system is suitable for any business, large or small.

According to the General Manager of IBM System z, Patrick Toole, the zEnterprise BC12 supports clients by providing them with a ‘powerful and highly secure platform’ that is more efficient and cost effective. The zEnterprise BC12 features a 4.2GHz processor and twice the available memory of its predecessor, the z114.

Customers can choose a pay-as-you go option. When combined with an IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, the zEnterprise BC12 has a faster performing processor and has a lower total cost of acquisition than its closest competitor. As an indicator of its capacity, the zEnterprise BC12 consolidates up to 40 virtual servers per core. It comes with z/OSMF, which offers simplified management for users.

Along with the zEnterprise BC12, IBM is bringing new software and operating systems to the market, including updates to Cognos, SPSS, DB2, Tivoli, and CICS.

[1] https://www.eweek.com/servers/new-ibm-zenterprise-bc12-entry-level-mainframe-launches/