The mainframe has advanced processing powers and is capable of managing enormous amounts of information. In the 1990s the mainframe began to lose its popularity to cheaper, smaller platforms. Many predicted that the mainframe would die out. However, this prediction did not come true. Recent research has revealed that the mainframe continues to be an essential tool for innovation and growth.

The Mainframe Enables Innovation

A survey by CA Technologies1 found that nearly one in three respondents in the UK agreed that the mainframe is a strategy element in their IT plans. The study found that 42% of UK respondents believed the mainframe would be a highly strategic platform for cloud computing efforts.

The study also found that the mainframe acted as an enabler of innovative trends such as big data and cloud computing. Mainframes were viewed positively by respondents because of their flexibility, scalability and security. A majority of respondents (72%) said that the mainframe is an integral part of their current or future IT plans.

It appears that the mainframe is not heading for extinction. In fact, mainframes have continued to evolve and adapt according to changes in the IT environment.

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