The Unisys T27 terminal, once known as a Burroughs T27 after the organization responsible for the original development, (this organization subsequently became a part of Unisys) was released in 1987 and is mainly used to connect to Unisys A Series Host systems. It was powered by an 8Mhz Z80 processor with 256kb of memory and a further 64kb of ROM for storing firmware.

What Turbosoft offers for Unisys Terminal Emulation

The Unisys T27 terminal forms an integral part of our emulation coverage and was developed as a result of customers demands for total coverage across all platforms from one terminal emulation product. Turbosoft's host connectivity solutions support more than 80 terminal emulations, giving you to freedom to install, support and maintain just one single product from one vendor, reducing support and training expenses.

Unisys T27 emulation is included in our Windows® TTWin 4 product, our web to host offering TTerm Connect and our solution for Windows CE and Windows Mobility powered devices and phones, TTWinCE.

Unisys terminal emulation for iPad® is available in our TTerm Pro app.

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