Proprietary Terminal Support

In catering to the specific needs of our customers over the years, Turbosoft has produced a range of terminal emulations where we are the sole or in some cases, rare, provider of these emulations.

Some of these include:

Prime PT25 and the Prime PT250

Prime Computers were a large manufacturer of minicomputers during the 1970's and 1980's, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, where Prime ran a memorable series of television adverts featuring characters from the television science fiction series Doctor Who. In the early nineties Prime computer was subject to a takeover and subsequently exited the computer manufacturing industry. However, while Prime all but disappeared many of Prime's users and customers had made substantial investments in the companies products and continued to operate these systems.

Turbosoft supplies two prime terminal emulations, the prime PT250 and the prime PT25. These terminals are available in our TTWin, TTerm Connect and TTWinCE products.

Wang 2110 Terminal

A terminal designed to accompany Wang's popular range of microcomputers. The terminal was capable of operating in a VT102 personality mode as well as synchronous and asynchronous native modes. It was used to connect to Wang Host systems such as the Wang VS but was also capable of connecting to other manufacturer systems (using the VT102/ANSI personality), contributing to it's popularity.

Fujitsu 6681 Terminal Emulation

The Fujitsu 6681 is a terminal compatible with IBM's 3270 terminal with additional enhancements. Fujitsu primarily sells its mainframe systems into the Japanese market. Double byte character support, enabling the display of non-roman character sets such as Japanese Kanji characters is available across the Turbosoft product range.


Bull Information Systems or 'Bull', is a French owned computer company responsible for the BULL VIP 7800 terminal. This terminal remains is use mainly in Europe and Turbosoft offers it as part of TTWin, TTerm Connect, our web to host offering and TTWinCE, our terminal emulation solution for Windows CE based devices.

ICL 7561 and ICL VT220+

Turbosoft supplies highly accurate and proven emulations for ICL 7561 and ICL VT220+. These terminals are products of International Computers Ltd, or ICL, a large British computer hardware and their usage is particular popular in that region. The ICL VT220+ terminal is compatible with the DEC VT220, however it offers numerous additional enhancements. Turbosoft's implementation of the ICL VT220+ accurately supports these enhancements and the emulation is offered across the entire Turbosoft range. The ICL 7561 emulation is supported in TTWin, TTerm Connect and TTWinCE.

Siemens Nixdorf 97801

Siemens Nixdorf was a German organization active in 1990's and responsible for developing and retailing a line of mainframe computers, generally running SINIX, Siemens Nixdorf's Unix operating system. The 97801 series were terminals for these systems. The organization currently exists as Fujitsu Siemens Computers. The Siemens Nixdorf 97801 terminal emulation is included in TTWin, TTerm Connect and TTWinCE.

and others...

  • ADDS 2020 Viewpoint Mode terminal emulation
  • ADDS Viewpoint terminal emulation
  • Quantum QNX terminal emulation
  • AWA ADM 11 / R / W / E / H terminal emulation

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