Although the user base for McDonnell Douglas terminal emulations is quite small in comparison to that of, for example, IBM, Turbosoft has not compromised on the quality of the terminals it emulates for McDonnell Douglas Systems. The coverage for these systems is as follows:

  • McDonnell Douglas P8 terminal emulation (Also known as the Prism 8 terminal)
  • McDonnell Douglas P9 terminal emulation (Also known as the Prism 9 terminal)
  • McDonnell Douglas P12 terminal emulation (Also known as the Prism 12 terminal)
  • Micro Fusion 40 (MF40) terminal emulation

To date, many of our customers for McDonnell Douglas terminals have originated from the Healthcare market which has helped us gain specific knowledge for the terminals which these Healthcare applications use.

Turbosoft solutions can help you can extend the life of these McDonnell Douglas Systems through use of productivity and screen enhancing features such as scripting, configurable menus, macros and hotspots. With a little bit of development work, which we can assist you with, your McDonnell Douglas system will look like a totally revamped piece of technology.

McDonnell Douglas emulations are available in TTWin, TTerm Connect, TTWinCE and TTerm Pro for iPad®.

Solutions for McDonnell Douglas Terminal Emulation: