Accurate Terminal Emulators for  IBM 3151, 3101, 3164

Accurate Terminal Emulators for IBM 3151, 3101, 3164

At Turbosoft, we understand that your business has never had to manage a greater diversity of devices. Whether you're part of the bring-your-own-device revolution or not, most offices now rely on multiple different operating systems and hardware configurations across their departments.

With such a diversity of devices needing to access your legacy systems, you need a solution that's able to deliver consistent and accurate emulation to all users, regardless of their unique configuration. The Turbosoft family of products offers native emulation on a range of platforms, from Windows desktop systems to Linux, iPads and Windows CE/Mobile devices, delivering a seamless and feature-rich experience to all users.

Advanced productivity boosting features like automation and scripting, remappable keys, and hotspot functionality help to make accessing your legacy system as simple, easy and seamless as possible. With more than 80 emulations offered in our flagship software - including IBM 3151 emulators and others such as TN5250 for IBM AS400 - you can access multiple legacy systems from a single interface.

Our range of emulators for IBM 3101 and 3151 includes:

  • TTWin 4 a Windows desktop application
  • TTerm for Linux a Linux desktop application
  • TTerm Connect a web based emulator
  • TTerm for iPad® an iPad app. IBM 3101 and 3151 emulation is provided in the TTerm Plus and TTerm Pro apps
  • TTerm for .NET and TTWin Integrator developer components for .NET and ActiveX respectively
  • TTWin CE for embedded systems, thin clients and portables devices running Windows CE

Make the Switch

Make the switch to Turbosoft and save with flexible licensing options and crossgrade discounts. We'll work with you to convert configurations, scripts, macros and tailor TTWin's look and feel to enable a smooth and trouble free transition to a modern, accurate and robust terminal emulator in TTWin.

Download a free, fully functional 30 day demo version of any of our software (excluding TTerm for iPad).

Or, let us convert your existing product's configuration files and provide you with a trial version of TTWin suitable for replacing your current emulator.

Feature highlights:

  • Comprehensive 3101 & 3151 Support
    IBM 3101, 3151 and 3164 support.
  • Desktop or Web Options
    Choose native Windows or Linux applications OR choose TTerm Connect for zero client install, browser based HTML5 terminal emulation.
  • Industry Standard Encryption
    SSH, Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnel.
  • Language, Code Page SupportExtensive Code Page support and Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) encoding (3101/3151).
  • Crossgrade Benefits
    Switch from a competitor's products and save up to 50% on new licenses. We offer assistance with script, macro and configuration conversion to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Flexible Licensing Options
    Named, concurrent, subscription or unlimited licenses available. Choose a licensing option that suits you.

To find out more about the benefits of our range of terminal emulators for connecting to your legacy systems, contact us today or try for yourself with a free 30 day trial download.

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