The table below shows a list of mappable emulation keys for this terminal and its initial, default bluetooth keyboard equivalents.

Emulation Key Bluetooth Keyboard Key
Backspace Delete
Character Delete Command + Delete
Tab Tab
Back Tab Shift + Tab
Search Next Command + Tab
Reset Forms Mode Command + q
Set Forms Mode Command + w
Set Search <key> Command + e
Set Search Mode Command + a
Reset search Command + s
Set Mark <key> Command + m
Allow Lowercase Command + T
Force Uppercase Command + y
Clear Variable Tab Command + o
Toggle Tab Stop Command + p
Print All, No Feed Command + [
Print All Command + ]
Print Selective Command + ;
Return Enter
Program Reset Command + r
Soft Reset Shift + Command + r
Move Line Up Command + Alt + Up Arrow
Move Line Down Command + Alt + Down Arrow
Roll Page Up Alt + Up Arrow
Roll Page Down Alt + Down Arrow
Roll Up Shift + Alt + Up Arrow
Roll Down Shift + Alt + Down Arrow
Up Arrow Up Arrow
Down Arrow Down Arrow
Left Arrow Left Arrow
Right Arrow Right Arrow
Home Command + Up Arrow
End of Text (ETX) Command + Down Arrow
Previous Page Command + Left Arrow
Next Page Command + Right Arrow
Align KBC to DCP Command + .
Clear Page Shift + Escape
Set Mobile Home Command + h
Erase to Line End Alt + Delete
Erase to Page End Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Toggle Insert/Overtype Command + =
Toggle Insert Line/Page Alt + =
Specify Command + z
Local Command + l
Transmit Command + Enter
Line Transmit Shift + Command + Enter

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