The table below shows a list of mappable emulation keys for this terminal and its initial, default bluetooth keyboard equivalents.

Emulation Key Bluetooth Keyboard Key
Start Word (First Non Space) Alt + Right Arrow
End Word (After Last Non Space) Alt + Shift + Right Arrow
Forward One Word Command + Right Arrow
Backward One Word Command + Left Arrow
Backspace Command + Delete
Delete Word Shift + Alt + Delete
Delete Delete
Delete 80 chars Shift + Delete
Delete End of Line Alt + Delete
Insert Command + =
Insert 80 chars Shift + Command + =
Insert Line Alt + =
Send Enter
Force Send Command + Enter
Send Single Character Shift + Command + Enter
Clear Screen Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Select Clear From Cursor Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Delete
Clear Typeahead (not mapped )
Erase Field Command + Alt + Delete
Erase Field from Cursor Shift + Command + Alt + Delete
Erase Line Command + Ctrl + Delete
Erase to End of Line Shift + Command + Ctrl + Delete
Start Message Command + Tab
Move to Start of Message Shift + Command + Tab
New Line Alt + Enter
Next Line Alt + Down Arrow
Print All Command + p
Print to Start of Message Shift + Command + p
Previous Field Shift + Tab
Next Field Tab
Up Arrow Up Arrow
Left Arrow Left Arrow
Right Arrow Right Arrow
Down Arrow Down Arrow

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