There are several reasons why you may encounter an error message stating you have an invalid license during the TTWin activation process.

The Right Software?

The most common reasons for such an error message is that you are attempting to use a license certificate file (.tcf) which is not applicable to the software you are installing. For example, a TTWin 4 certificate file will not work with TTerm for Linux.

Please ensure that your license certificate is valid for the software product you are attempting to install.

The Right Version?

From time to time Turbosoft upgrades it's licensing. This will occur at major milestones, for example from TTWin 3 to TTWin 4 and occasionally more frequently, for example from TTWin 3.9 to TTWin 3.10. License certificates intended for one version are incompatible with others. For example, a certificate for TTWin version 3.8 will not work with version 3.10. Likewise, neither certificate would work with TTWin version 4.7.

Please ensure that your license certificate is valid for the version of the software you are attempting to install.

How Do I Get a License Certificate for the Latest Version?

If you have purchased Turbosoft software and are under warranty or have purchased maintenance support you are entitled to free upgrades and updated license certificates to enable you to install newer versions of your Turbosoft software. Please contact your Turbosoft representative for more details.

If you are not covered by a warranty or maintenance agreement please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on upgrading your software.

Specific Error Messages

"Error. Certificate date is invalid.(08)"
You have a time limited or subscription software license which has possibly expired or is not yet valid.

"Error. Invalid Certificate.(06)" OR "Error. Invalid certificate block.(01)"
Your license certificate file (.tcf) is invalid. This may occur for any of the reasons outlined above or the file may actually have become corrupted. Consider restoring the file from a backup or contact Turbosoft support for further assistance.

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