Guest Access allows any user to access the TTerm Connect Desktop Client and a set of public host connection profiles without a TTerm Connect account. There are two important settings that must be configured to allow guest access.

Firstly, TTerm Connect must be configured to explicitly allow guest access.

Secondly, there must be saved profile configurations available to the user group that is nominated as the guest group. When a guest user logs into TTerm Connect, the connections available to them are those profiles saved to the guest group.

 Guest access refers to TTerm Connect only.

Guest access only governs access to the TTerm Connect Desktop Client, login credentials required to access a host system are not configured in TTerm Connect.

Allowing Guest Access

To enable guest access follow these steps:

  1. Login to the TTerm Connect Administrator portal.
  2. Navigate to the Server Configuration page and the Sever Components tab.
  3. Scroll down to Connection Manager and set Allow Guest Access to ON.
  4. Under the Guest User Group, select a user group to assign all guest users to. Any profiles available to this group will be available to guest users when they login to the TTerm Connect Desktop Client.
Enabling guest access settings.
Enabling guest access for members of the group 'guest'.

On a new TTerm Connect installation, the Guest User Group selection drop down will contain the built in user groups default and guest. To create additional user groups or to integrate with Active Directory/LDAP refer to the TTerm Connect QuickStart guide or in-program help.

  1. Click Upload New Configuration to save your new server configuration.
Assigning Profiles to the Guest Group

For a guest to be able to connect to a host system there must be profiles available in the nominated guest user group. To grant guest access to a particular saved profile follow these steps:

  1. Login into the TTerm Connect Administrator Portal
  2. Navigate to the Profiles Configuration page
  3. In the Profiles table, click the Edit button of the profile you wish to allow guests to access. Note that this FAQ does not cover creating a new profile, for information on profile creation please refer to the TTerm Connect QuickStart guide or in-program help.
  4. In the configure profile panel which appears select the Access tab. This is the last tab, located on the far right.
  5. The Access tab lists the Access Control Rules which grant user or group based access to a particular profile. Click Add New Rule.
  6. Remembering the group nominated as the Guest User Group in step 4, type the group name in the group or user field of the pop up window that appears. TTerm Connect will return you a list of close or exact matches for that group name. Select the appropriate item from the results.
  7. Click Add Rule to close the pop up. The new rule will now appear in the table of Access Control Rules.
  8. Click Save Settings to save your profile modifications. This profile will now be available to guest group members.
Adding guest access to a profile
Adding access for the user group 'guest' to a particular host connection profile.

For more information on creating and editing profiles as well as access control configuration, please refer to the TTerm Connect QuickStart guide or in-program help.

From the End User Point of View

When a user navigates to the login page for TTerm Connects Desktop Client they will be presented with an option to login as a guest. Guest login requests the guest user enter their email as a username however this is not essential and any text string may be assigned to identify the end user login.

TTerm Connect Desktop client guest login.
Desktop Client login with guest access available.

You may wish to generate one at login rather than request an email. Refer to the Embedding TTerm Connect in a Webpage document included in your installation for further information on custom TTerm Connect clients.

Upon login the user will be presented with a list of profiles available to the guest user group.

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