By default initiating a connection to a remote host with TTerm for iPad will display a pop over message asking for a remote host address, a username and password. You can automate the login process by entering these three details in the saved connection configuration. Follow these steps:

 This feature is not support for telnet connections

Automating a login is only available for connections using SSH.

  1. Create a new saved connection or edit an existing connection.
  2. Enter the host address in the Remote Host field.
  3. Select the Comms item, ensuring SSH is selected.
  4. Tap Connection settings and fill in the username and password fields.
  5. Return to the Edit Connection screen and tap Done, saving your changes.

 Before entering passwords....

Please consider your personal or organization security policies prior to entering password data into TTerm for iPad.

Now, when you tap the connect button on your saved connection item, TTerm for iPad will automate the connection and login process.

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