TTerm Connect Features

Any Host, Any Device

With a suite of terminal emulation solutions that includes web-based and native clients combined with the widest range of emulations of any comparable software on the market, Turbosoft has a host connectivity solutions for all your requirements.

Comprehensive Terminal Support

Turbosoft's software provides excellent support for IBM Power systems and includes IBM 3101, 3151 and 3164, IBM TN5250e (3179, 3180, 3196, 3477, 525x, 529x + variants) and IBM3270e emulations as well as additional terminals for HP, OpenVMS, Unix, HPE NonStop, Unisys, Wyse & more.

Centrally-Deployed Secure Access

With support for SSH, SSL, TLS, and FIPS 1.2, secure web-based terminal emulation can be easily and centrally deployed to authenticated users without the need for insecure JAVA or Active X components.

Zero-Install Emulation

Take advantage of our web-to-host offering and move to a zero-install terminal emulator. Stop worrying about device requirements, compatibility, & installation procedures & make the switch to TTerm Connect today.

Superior Centralized Management

Manage your users and resources through the web-based administrator portal with real time data. Configure host connections, manage license usage and integrate your existing user base through our Active Directory/LDAP support.

Scalable Solutions

Single or multi-server deployment, with load balancing and redundancy options. From single server deployments through to company-wide, regional, or global requirements, TTerm Connect is flexible, capable and ready to service the terminal emulation needs of thousands of concurrent users.

What Makes Our Terminal Emulators the Best Choice for Your Business?

Turbosoft has been a trusted partner to businesses around the globe for more than three decades. Organizations working in some of the world’s most demanding industries including healthcare, finance, telecommunications and defense choose Turbosoft’s terminal emulator programs because they know they can rely on them. Precision-built and backed by one of the world’s most experienced emulation development teams, you can trust Turbosoft to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.

Turbosoft is a highly experienced software company that continues to actively develop its terminal emulation solutions for modern devices and operating systems, and one you can trust to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.

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Our Software

As a leading developer of terminal emulation software since 1988, Turbosoft offers a range of terminal emulation solutions for a variety of platforms and devices. With the most comprehensive terminal support of any terminal emulator on the market, we have a solution for your host connectivity needs – any host, any device.

TTerm Connect

HTML5 Web Based Terminal Emulator

Flexible, powerful terminal emulation with nothing more than a web browser. TTerm Connect offers all the features you'd expect from a desktop terminal emulator in a lightweight web application. Centrally configured and managed, TTerm Connect requires no client-side installation and can be deployed with its own web client or integrated with your existing website.


Comprehensive Terminal Emulation for Windows®

Our premier terminal emulator solution. Quality, reliability, and a wide range of emulations within the one product are the keys to TTWin's success. For Windows® operating systems.

TTerm for Linux

Comprehensive Terminal Emulation for Linux®

Turbosoft brings enterprise grade terminal emulation to Linux, backed by prompt, professional support. Our high quality, accurate and reliable terminal emulation software is now available for Linux operating systems.

TTerm for .NET

Terminal Emulation for .NET Applications

Adding terminal emulation functionality to your application has never been simpler. With support for 80+ emulations TTerm for .NET offers the most comprehensive API for building and maintaining applications with a terminal emulator component.