Note that this article is relevant to older versions of TTerm, (1.0.3 and below) OR users who are running iOS6. If you are able to upgrade a device to iOS7 or later and TTerm version 1.1.0 we strongly recommend you do so, as this issue no longer apples to those versions. See this FAQ for bluetooth keyboard support information in iOS7/TTerm 1.1.0 and above.

Due to IOS limitations imposed on how we can capture key presses on physical keyboards, bluetooth keyboard support in TTerm is restricted to:

  • All character keys (alphanumeric and punctuation, etc.) in normal and shifted states.
  • Delete, Return and Tab in their unshifted states.
  • Arrow keys in their unshifted states.

Unfortunately these limitations are out of our control, however thanks to changes to iOS7 they have largely been overcome. If you are able to update to a newer version of TTerm and iOS7 it is strongly recommended you do so.