There may be times when you wish to take action when TTWeb connects, disconnects or attempts to connect to a host system. This Javascript snippet can be dropped into a web page to do just that.

<script type="text/javascript" for="sampleTTWeb" event="CommConnectEvent(connectInt,manualAction)">  
      case 0: 
       //A connection has been closed 
       alert("Host connection closed!"); 
      case 1: 
       //A connection has been opened 
       alert("Host connection established!"); 
      case 2: 
       //Attempting to connect 
       alert("Attempting to connect to host system"); 

The TTWeb CommConnectEvent event returns connectInt, an integer value which indicates the new TTWeb state.

0 = TTWeb has closed a connection
1 = TTWeb has opened connection
2 = TTWeb is attempting to connect

Ensure that the for value matches the name parameter specified when you instantiate TTWeb (in the samples included with TTWeb this is 'sampleTTWeb', as above.)