TTWin3 has fully configurable menus, giving you the ability to remove any menu item from the menu bar as well as the pop up menu. In order to remove menu items, please follow these steps.

  1. From the TTWin3 desktop select Configure > Menu and select the menu that you wish to remove the menu items from.
  2. Click on the Config tab, the menu is arranged in a hierarchical interactive tree structure. Menus, sub-menus and individual menu items can be selected on the tree.
  3. Once the menu item is selected it may be removed by clicking the Delete button on the Menu Configuration screen.
  4. Click on the Ok button.

  Please note: Once you have deleted a menu item it cannot be un-deleted and will need to be created again. If a menu or sub-menu is deleted, all menu items within that menu will be deleted as well.
  IMPORTANT: Removing certain critical menu items may inhibit TTWin3 from performing its duties. If certain menu items must be recalled, a reset of TTWin3's default menus can be performed, this will reset the menu parameters back to the default settings, so all changes will be lost.

In order to reset the a menu, click Configure > Menu and select the menu you wish to reset, then click the Reset button on the TTWin3 screen.