In order to deal with issues arising from unreliable connections to a host system Turbosoft offers a Gateway product. The remote user logs into the Turbosoft Gateway, then the Turbosoft Gateway establishes the connection to the host. If the user's connection is interrupted, the Turbosoft Gateway maintains the connection to the host. This allows the user to reconnect to the Turbosoft Gateway and pickup the host session from where they let off. The Turbosoft Gateway also has an administrative function that allows the system administrator to close disconnected session cleanly.

The Turbosoft Gateway also does IP and Server Port translation. The IP translation allows you to assign an IP address for each user, this is of great benefit if your host requires fixed IP Addresses. The Server Port translation is ideal if you don't want to open port 23 to the internet. You can have your users come in on the port of your choice and be reassigned to port 23 to connect to your host.

The Turbosoft Gateway can also provide secure encrypted sessions utilizing industry standard SSL3. The Turbosoft Gateway provides SSL3 sessions with up to 128 bit encryption.

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