I sometimes receive an error message stating -TCP/IP Error 10054, connection reset by peer- what does this mean?

This error is normally a result of the loss of connection to the remote host. Receiving this error can be caused by a fault in your network hardware, this fault can be anywhere between the host and the client PC's having the problem.

If some PC's are receiving this error but not all, look for a common point in your network that all affected PC's share.

This error is also common if your users are connecting via an ISDN connection, in this case the problem is most likely caused by the ISDN connection closing due to extended idle time. If this is the cause of the problem TTWin3 has a Keep Alive option. The KeepAlive option allows you to set a time period in seconds, if the TTWin3 session is idle for the set time TTWin3 will poll the host.

To turn this option on:

  1. Select Configure > Comms > Advanced Setup.
  2. Under the Miscellaneous section is a KeepAlive field.
  3. In the KeepAlive field enter a value (in seconds), we recommend 120.
  4. Close the configuration windows and select File > Save from the menu.

In this example TTWin3 will poll the host after 120 seconds of idle time, and will continue to poll the host every 120 seconds while you continue to use TTWin3. The time setting you use should be set a few seconds before the ISDN connection is due to timeout. This will ensure a constant connection without excessive polling.