The easiest way to stop your users accessing one or more of the file transfer protocols is not to install them. During the installation of TTWin3 you will be asked what type of installation you want, select Custom. In the custom install you can choose to install just the file transfer protocols that you want.

If you don't install the FTP protocol you will receive an few errors when you start TTWin3, this is because TTWin3 uses the FTP protocol as part of the default configuration. If you install another file transfer, you can select it in Configure > File transfer... You will need to save the changes to your session file (default.twc), by selecting File > Save.

If you chose not to install any file transfer modules you will need to edit some of TTWin3's configuration files. Using Windows Notepad, open the ttwin.ini file, by default located at C:\Program Files\Turbosoft\TTWin3\Ttwin.ini and change the entry.

to be

Then using Windows Notepad, open C:\Program Files\Turbosoft\TTWin3\Config\default.twc and change the entry

to be

You should now be able to start TTWin without receiving any errors.