TTerm Connect uses access rules to grant and limit access to a profile (a session configuration) based on user and group membership. Access is explicit, meaning all entities are denied access unless a rule specifically targeting them exists.

When a user does NOT have appropriate access to a profile it simply will not be displayed when they login to the Desktop Client. If your users are logging in and finding that their desktops are empty this is the most likely reason.

A TTerm Connect user logged into the Desktop Client but lacking access to any profiles.

A user logged into the Desktop Client but lacking access to any profiles.

By default, the administrator user account which created the profile, the owner, receives full access rights to the profile. Additional access rules must be created to grant full or partial access to other users or groups.

To create an access rule for a profile, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Administrator Portal and navigate to the Profiles Configuration page.
  2. Open the profile you wish to modify in the profile editor.
  3. View the Access tab. This tab lists the existing rules for the profile for groups or individual users. You can modify these rules or create additional rules.
  4. The Access tab shows rules in place for the current profile.

    The Access tab shows rules in place for the current profile.

  5. To create a new rule click or tap the Add New Rule button.
  6. In the pop-up window that appears select a user or group to create an access rule for. For best results begin typing a group or username and use the search results to ensure a correct match. If your server has guest access enabled, you will see a Guest Group button attached to the Group or User field. You can click or tap this button to automatically fill the field with the nominated guest user group.
  7. The Guest Group button will be display if your server permits guest logins.

    The Guest Group button will be displayed if your server permits guest logins.

  8. Save the profile. It will now appear in the Desktop Client for those users and groups with access rules.

The existence of a rule grants basic read access to a profile, meaning that when an end user logs into the Desktop Client they will see its desktop shortcuts and are permitted to launch a session to the profile's configured host.

Additional category access permissions grant the ability for users to edit and customize profile configurations through the Desktop Client, provided the ability to edit through the Desktop Client has been enabled globally through the Server Configuration settings. By default no additional categories are enabled. Refer to product documentation for more details.

  Please note that some of these category settings refer to upcoming features such as File Transfer which are not yet implemented in TTerm Connect. Rules can be put in place to take advantage of future features when they become available.