This feature is available in TTerm Connect 2.0 and above.

TTerm Connect allows you to customize the Desktop Client login page and add custom text that will be displayed directly below the Sign In button. The suggested use for this feature is to add your own organizations contact details, such as a help desk email or phone number.

The image below shows the standard TTerm Connect Desktop Client login and a version with custom contact details.

TTerm Connect web to host terminal emulator custom login.

TTerm Connect Desktop Client login with custom contact details.

By default, this option is disabled. To enable it, login to the Administrator Portal and navigate to the server configuration page. Select the Desktop Client Tab and edit the Login Settings section.

Set the Show Custom Contact Text option to ON.

Login configuration

Configuring a custom contact for the Desktop Client login page.

In the Custom Context Text section that appears, enter your custom contact text in each of the language text boxes. You will need to supply text for each language available in your TTerm Connect installation. Save the server configuration.

Note that Custom messages are limited to 70 characters and are plain text only.