If an end user sees this error in the TTerm Connect Desktop application it means that the server based Emulation Services which provide host connectivity are currently not running.

This issue could occur due to a deliberate halting of the emulation services by an administrator or the service may be in a halted state due to a configuration which does not automatically start the emulation services when the TTerm Connect server is initiated.

To fix this issue, an administrator must start the services through the Administrator Portal.

An administrator should login the to the TTerm Connect administrator portal and navigate to the Dashboard.

The administrator dashboard shows information on the TTerm Connects Emulation services, in particular the power widget should summarize how many services are running. At least one service must be running to provide host connectivity and correct this issue.

tterm connect desktop, showing power widget.

The power widget shows no services currently running. Click or tap to restart.

Note the server status on the power widget and turn it on if required. Alternately, navigate to the active services table and turn on services individually.

tterm connect desktop, active sessions.

Tturn individual sevices on or off through the Desktop > Active Services table.

After services are confirmed running, attempt to connect to a host system through the desktop client again. The error should no longer appear.