TTerm Connect and Session Persistence

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft’s web based terminal emulator. It offers all the power and functionality of traditional desktop software through a lightweight web browser client the runs on just about any device, from handhelds, mobile phones, tablets through to regular desktop systems.

A key benefit of TTerm Connect is the concept of session persistence. TTerm Connects server component ensures a session remains securely connected to the host system until you are ready to log off or disconnect, no matter what situation the client device is in. No more dropouts, no orphaned sessions due to battery issues, devices reboots or patchy WIFI. Even better, when you want to switch from one device to another, TTerm Connect can seamlessly transfer your host session across devices.

How Does TTerm Connect work?

TTerm Connect consists of two components, a server component which provides the actual emulation and host connectivity and a light-weight browser based client which provides the end user interface.

In effect, the server component does the heavy lifting, managing connectivity, communicating with the host and providing the emulation itself. The browser client securely communicate with the server and simply handles display and user interaction, enabling it run smoothly on limited power devices.

It also means that the server component is responsible for maintaining the connect to a host system and that a client device may ‘detach’ and ‘reattach’ to a session at will*. This allows TTerm Connect to seamlessly transfer a users’ sessions from one device to another, to maintain a session despite adverse network conditions or device hardware failures or simply to handle user actions like closing and reopening a browser window without dropping the host connection.

*For obvious security reasons the ability to transfer sessions or to re-establish a host session is limited to authenticated named user accounts and unavailable to guest access sessions.

Working in Challenging Environments

Terminal emulation is often used on handheld or vehicle mounted devices in environments such as warehouses and factory floors. These environments can present challenges for consistent wireless network connectivity, with WIFI ‘black-spots’ and interference leading to poor connectivity.

When a portable device loses connectivity a host session may be dropped or ‘orphaned’. While the end user device is no longer connected the host system will continue to maintain the session. Traditionally it is time consuming for support staff to find and close these orphaned sessions.

With TTerm Connect, should the client connection be dropped for any reason, the server component maintains the host connection. When the end user re-establishes network connectivity (perhaps, simply by walking to a location with adequate WIFI), reloading the TTerm Connect webpage is all that is required to re-join the host session and continue working from where they left off.

Switching Devices

Session persistence is also useful in allowing users to move from one device from another. Whether moving from home to office, travelling or just from mobile device to desktop, transferring a session is a simple as logging into the TTerm Connect client and selecting which sessions you want to resume.

Administrator Session Tools

TTerm Connect maintains a host connection for end users, but what happens when an end user detaches from a session and doesn’t reattach?

After a configurable period of time TTerm Connect can mark a session as abandoned and perform one of a number of actions to close such a session. For example:

  • Execute an administrator defined macro on the session to initiate a graceful logout (assuming a standard logout procedure exists on the host system).
  • Kill (disconnect) the session.
  • Notify an administrator via email, whereupon the administrator can either manually kill a session or using shadowing to take control of the session and gracefully logout
For more information on TTerm Connect visit the TTerm Connect product page. To speak with a Turbosoft representative reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any of the details listed on our Contact Detailspage.
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