FAQs about TTerm for iPad

TTerm is an intuitive, easy-to-use terminal emulator designed specifically for the iPad. TTerm supports a wide range of terminals and has a comprehensive range of features that make it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Here are some FAQs relating to TTerm.

What is the TTerm?

TTerm is Turbosoft’s terminal emulation app for the iPad. As an enterprise-grade terminal emulator, it allows you to connect to your host system quickly and easily. TTerm has been designed to match the iPad’s user-friendly and attractive interface.

Which host systems does TTerm support?

TTerm supports connections between an iPad and an extensive range of host systems. TTerm comes in a number of different apps that differ only in the range of terminal supported. For example, the standard TTerm  app supports ANSI, DEC, Linux/UNIX/SCO ANSI and Wang terminals. TTerm Plus  offers all the terminals supported in TTerm with the addition of ADM 11 and a range of AIX and Wyse terminals.

TTerm Pro  offers the broadest terminal coverage; it supports all the terminal types – from IBM 3270, 5250, Stratus, Tandem (HP NonStop) and many more – that are covered by the TTerm range of Apps. Turbosoft can also customize TTerm for those who have specific needs, contact us for more details.

Is TTerm suitable for beginners?

TTerm was designed to facilitate use by both basic users and users with technical knowledge. Basic users will find its interface user friendly and the application easy to use, and more advanced users will find that TTerm supports the more complicated configurations that they need.

Is TTerm easy to set up?

TTerm is extremely easy to set up. Turbosoft has designed the interface with usability in mind. Default settings will be sufficient for most users and systems allowing the user to get connected quickly and easily.

What are the key features of TTerm?

TTerm has a range of features that different users will find useful. These include language support, custom hotspots for touch interaction, multiple simultaneous host connections, Bluetooth keyboard support, and custom terminal keyboards. Other features of note include secure communications via SSH,Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnelling  and ELF for 3270.

What are the key advantages of using TTerm?

TTerm is based on our highly popular Windows terminal emulator, TTWin. Turbosoft has more than 25 years of experience in developing terminal emulators and as TTerm offers the same emulations as TTWin, you can be assured that our emulations are accurate and reliable with many years of real world testing behind them. Starting at just US$9.99, TTerm is a cost-effective investment for businesses looking for an iPad-compatible terminal emulator.

What does the latest version of the TTerm feature?

The current version as of writing (Version 1.0.3) allows configurations to be duplicated and shared across devices through the built in import and export function. A new release of TTerm is just around the corner and we’ll have some exciting updates soon!

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