Terminal Emulation for Wyse

When Turbosoft released our first terminal emulation product way back in 1988 it contained a Wyse emulation. After more than 20 years of refinement and use we are confident that our Wyse emulation represents the most accurate and robust product on the market.

Turbosoft offers Wyse terminal emulation solutions for Windows® desktops, browsers, iPads, Windows Mobile® smartphones and embedded Windows CE® devices. Wyse terminal emulation for iPad is supported through our TTerm product.

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  • Comprehensive Wyse SupportWyse50+, Wyse60 and Wyse 350 color.
  • Browser Based OptionTerminal emulation through a web browser.
  • SecuritySecure SSL/SSH communications.
  • Supporting 80+ Terminals Multiple terminal coverage within a single product. Combine Wyse terminals with DEC VT series, IBM 3270, 5250, 3101, ADDS Viewpoint, Televideo 950/955 and many, many more.
  • 32 and 64-bitAvailable in 32 and 64-bit versions.
  • Extensive Customization Full keyboard mapping, color schemes, custom toolbars and more.
  • Printing SupportWyse terminal printing support.
  • ActiveX Control Integrate Wyse support into your application, full datastream control.
  • ScriptingPowerful scripting language modeled on Visual Basic. Enhance your legacy system experience. (TTWin only)
  • MacrosMacros offer a simple way to automate tasks and enhance legacy applications.
  • HLLAPIHLLAPI support (TTWin only).
  • HotspotsAdd mouse buttons and areas which can be used to trigger events, macros and scripts.

Competitive Crossgrade Advantage

Switch licenses from an existing terminal emulation package and save up to 50%. Turbosoft can also assist with with configuration, script and macro conversion from your existing terminal emulator. Conditions apply, contact Turbsoft for more information.
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Windows/Desktop Software

Desktop Wyse support is available through our priemier Windows® terminal emulator TTWin.
TTWin 4 product information
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Web to Host Access

For users requiring Wyse terminla emulation via the web, Turbosoft's TTWeb provides the ideal solution. Terminal emulation can be embedded into a web page or distributed through a browser and run as a stand alone application. Web page embedded sessions can be enhanced through the use of javascript.

All emulations supported by our premier product TTWin are also offered in TTWeb.

TTWeb is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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Windows CE and Windows Mobile support

For users requiring Wyse emulation access on a Windows Mobile powered phone or a Windows CE device Turbosoft offers it's TTWinCE product. TTWinCE offers all the emulations supported by our premier product TTWin.
TTWinCE for embedded devices and Windows Mobile Smartphones
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