TTWeb - web to host connectivity

TTWeb is Turbosoft's terminal emulation solution for web to host connectivity.


TTWeb Highlights

  • Supports over 80 different terminals
  • Extremely configurable and cost effective
  • In-browser or stand alone modes

TTWeb is Turbosoft's high quality web to host terminal emulation solution. With TTWeb, deploying and managing a quality terminal emulation client on the desktop has never been easier. TTWeb reduces organizations total cost of ownership through providing savings in areas such as installation, management, configuration and support.

TTWeb has all of the power of Turbosoft's popular terminal emulation solution TTWin 4, but with the added benefit of automating the deployment and management of software. In short, TTWeb will allow you to take advantage of major reductions in the cost of keeping software current whist ensuring that users get the greatest benefit in the shortest time. Furthermore, with TTWeb, the deployment can be completely invisible to the user.